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Let Me Off!

July 1, 2014

I’m speechless.

Well, I’m as speechless as an opinionated blogger can be.  SCOTUS has got the country on some kind of time warp ride, and I really want to get off.  Campaign finance limits are gone.  The buffer zone is gone.  Church and State separation is gone.  It’s enough to make one want to move to Crimea.

The ruling by the Supreme Court striking down buffer zone around “abortion clinics” was bad enough.  Let’s forget about the fact that most abortion clinics, Planned Parenthood being the most prominent, are actually women’s clinics, and provide a lot of basic gynecological and other health services for women.  Let’s also forget about the privacy issues and human rights considerations being discounted by the courts.  The point, I guess, of SCOTUS was that the zone violated free speech.  They said that regular state law already provides protection for citizens from harassment.  But first, you have to be harassed.  Once you’ve been verbally assaulted, then you can call for help.  That’s a comfort.  The law assumes innocence until proven guilty, and you can’t get arrested for intent.  So essentially a crime has to occur before justice can be done.  Some would say that the area around the clinic is public property, and thus anyone should be able to do anything they want on it.  OK, that’s fair.  But my car is my private property and the law states I have to put my kids in 5-point restraints every time I leave the driveway.  That law protects children before something happens.  Women don’t get the same protections?

Then, to make a bad situation worse, the court then ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby, who really should get prosecuted for that ridiculous name.  Hobby Lobby, in case you’ve been in deep freeze, won the case in which it said that it should be exempt from the ACA rules about covering contraception because the owners had religious objections.  The owners did.  Have religious objections. To a federal law.  It turns out that people on the religious right can say whatever they want to a woman at the door to an abortion clinic, and they don’t have to pay for contraception.  Wow.  Oh, and we’re the only country in the world that doesn’t have paid maternity leave.  It doesn’t take Ruth Bader Ginsberg to figure out where this is going.

I guess the only recourse the poor, stupid, uterus-laden woman has is the court of public opinion.  The only way the Hobby Lobby decision won’t work for the owners is if people a) stop shopping there, and b) stop working there.  I almost wish I shopped there and worked there, so I could quit and never come back.


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